Our Process

How We Work with YOU!

It’s what we do BEFORE WE PAINT that makes us GREAT PAINTERS

Our Process
New Era Painters takes a professional approach to our estimates. We schedule an on-site appointment where we go over every aspect of the job in detail. We can offer a professional Interior designer who can help with color consultation and bring your vision into a New Era. We go over scheduling that best fits your needs and offer a wide range of premium products to choose from. In the end you left knowing everything so their are no unwanted surprises.
Start Date
New Era Professional Supervisors will go over the job with you and our Painters to make sure nothing is missed and a game plan is created. We establish any obstacles or safety concerns and ask if their are any special requests for paints and or small children. We then create a safe work area away from children and pets to store our tools and paint until job is finished.
Prep Work
New Era Professional Painters has the best prep work in the Okanagan and that's what makes a great paint job. We use a detailed checklist on every job to ensure nothing is missed. Here is a few prep applications we provide on every job.
- WE don't use drop sheets because we cover all of your floors with large roles of paper before we open a paint can, so when we are done your guaranteed to have not a drop of paint on your floors.
- We cover all your furniture %100 and handle your household items with care.
- We sand all surfaces smooth before we apply paint and also in between coats.
- We fill and caulk any readily visible gaps and holes with a light and go around a second time so you have a professional finish.
- We spot prime all patches, bare wood, water marks and stains
- And that just to name a few
New Era Professional Painters are called professionals for a reason. here are some techniques we guarantee.
- Spray finishes on frames, trim, doors and ceilings 
- Crisp strait transition lines onto ceilings and frames
- Smooth even finishes on walls with back rolling
- fast paced schedules so were in and out with no hassle
- The best low VOC products available from all providers
- Real Professional Painters with great attitudes
Clean up
New Era does a great job at painting and just as good at our clean up. We leave your house with it being just as clean or better. We dispose of all garbage and broom and mop floors where needed. We leave no trace of us being their except a beautiful paint job. New Era leaves our customers with a full gallon of each color used that is labeled with our contact info and the surface on which that color was applied.